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Today’s Horoscope

  • ARIES  Mar 21 – April 20

    Life will throw up many challenges, and without the loving support of your family, you may find it difficult to sail through.

  • TAURUS  April 21 – May 20

    You need to give your best shot today and show everybody the full extent of your managerial potential. Just be cautious.

  • GEMINI  May 21 – June 21

    Relationships, both forming new ones and strengthening old ones, will be your agenda for the day. You will be in full control.

  • CANCER  Jun 22 – July 23

    Although as a rule, it is your reason that dominates your heart, today things are likely to be the other way round, to your spouse’s pleasure.

  • LEO  July 24 – Aug 23

    In your hurry to finish your tasks for the day, you are likely to over-exert yourself which could harm your health.

  • VIRGO  Aug 24 – Sept 23

    You have a tendency of expressing your thoughts in a bombastic way. Learn to be simple, as it will be more effective.

  • LIBRA  Sept 24- Oct 22

    You will spend the day tying up the loose ends of some projects that you have been involved in. The evening is party time.

  • SCORPIO  Oct 23 – Nov 22

    You may not be too happy with your outer appearance, and so are likely to go in for a complete image overhaul. Overall, a fun day.

  • SAGITTARIUS  Nov 23 – Dec 22

    You will feel at peace both with yourself and the world around you. The vibes are so strong that those you meet will also feel tranquil.

  • CAPRICORNUS  Dec 23 – Jan 20

    You are likely to focus on the negative aspects of your relationships today. Either avoid this tendency or communicate frankly.

  • AQUARIUS  Jan 21 – Feb19

    Your workload is not only too much but is also increasing, and unless you keep pegging at it, it may become overwhelming.

  • PISCES  Feb 20 – Mar 20

    Today at your workplace, you are likely to be too circumspect and at home too impulsive. In both cases, things may backfire.

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Today’s Horoscope

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