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Eva Longoria’s Personal Trainer Reveals Why Women Shouldn’t Rely just On Treadmill to loose body weight

Eva’s personal trainer, Grant Roberts, spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, about the workouts he and Eva do together to get fit, as well as why you shouldn’t rely solely on the treadmill for weight loss. Speaking about Eva’s workout style, Grant shared, “She rolls out of bed, there’s no makeup on her. She looks like a million bucks. She’s always happy. She puts the work in. I’ve never seen her in a bad mood. She’s super generous. I mean, she is superhuman, I don’t know how else to explain it. Eva is responding well to traditional old school weight training with some unique angles and movements.”

As for a special diet or workout routine Grant recommends if you want a body like Eva, he admits, “Nutrition is 69.5% of the process if you want to be specific. Along with a healthy diet that includes all of the essentials (water, complete proteins, healthy omega 3 rich fats, and a complete array of vitamins and minerals), be sure to add plenty of iron – not the kind that comes in pill form – I mean the kind you lift that comes attached to a barbell or dumbbell. We need to lift more, and that’s how you create a shape. Women especially tend to think that the treadmill is a solution, and it’s genuinely not. You do much better to get a leaner body composition, to increasing your water body volume, and strength, and posture – the list is endless of how powerful strength training can be, and take away that fear of masculinity – it’s just not a thing. It’s just not a thing.”

As for exact workouts Grant and Eva do together, Grant shared his favorites. “I have a pretty unique lat pulldown exercise, that really tightens up the back fat area right under the armpit. First, hook an ‘ab strap’ onto the bar of a lat pulldown machine. Sit down and stick your arms through the holes in the ab strap. Then, pull your shoulder blades down and back, and bring the bar to your chest using your elbows. Pause, then slowly return to the starting position. That’s very isolating for the lats because it does not allow you to use your biceps at all.” Grant makes Eva do 15 reps and three to four sets of 15 of that exercise, with the weight around 75 to 80 pounds.


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