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Check out your horoscope for today!!

Today’s Horoscope

  • ARIES  Mar 21 – April 20

    An outing is on the cards today. While you may feel like going to a museum, your family members may wish to go to the multiplex.

  • TAURUS  April 21 – May 20

    You should avoid coming down heavily on your opponents. Maintain your composure while dealing with others.

  • GEMINI  May 21 – June 21

    Your sensitivity shall be your failing today, and you will be quick to take offence, unless you consciously steel your heart.

  • CANCER  Jun 22 – July 23

    You will handle important matters with greater understanding, and you will be more open and generous.

  • LEO  July 24 – Aug 23

    Since all the hectic work of recent times has brought on a great deal of mental and physical fatigue, you need to take things easy today.

  • VIRGO  Aug 24 – Sept 23

    In the morning you shall be tired of the monotony of your work, but in the evening you shall find your spirits soaring high.

  • LIBRA  Sept 24- Oct 22

    Your work today shall earn you a great deal of appreciation, and it may actually turn out to be a red letter day in your career.

  • SCORPIO  Oct 23 – Nov 22

    Beware of those who are envious of you. Try to change their perception by your words of wisdom. This may enhance your social standing.

  • SAGITTARIUS  Nov 23 – Dec 22

    It is not just your natural charm that will floor people today, but those working with you will be impressed by your competence.

  • CAPRICORNUS  Dec 23 – Jan 20

    You have a great ability of convincing others through your deep knowledge and clear vision. Use this ability to your advantage today.

  • AQUARIUS  Jan 21 – Feb19

    You will exhibit a different side to your personality today by being calm and patient. This will pleasantly surprise everyone.

  • PISCES  Feb 20 – Mar 20

    If you have been neglecting your loved ones lately, today is the best day to make up for it. Making amends will also give you peace of mind.

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Today’s Horoscope

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