About Us

  • Started with a team of well-known, competent professionals with a strong history in Indian media industry.
  • From humble beginnings a company that has become one of the most authoritative India’s Media Company operating today.
  • We are in the business of providing advisory and undertaking the mandate for Sales, Brand Consultancy, Research, Content, Traffic and other critical operations for independent players in the broadcast, outdoors, Print, digital media industry globally.
  • By using our insights, experience, expertise, creativity, knowledge and business sense to increase our clients’ profits in a sustainable ways. This is where Nexstar Media steps in, to help such broadcasters create a feasible, viable and revenue-generating eco-system.
  • We have professional team who is helping in every segment of Broadcast solutions, any media management, from the beginning to its profitability & successful operations including revenue generation from Corporates, Government & other divisions.
  • Our operations are not limited to India only we have very rich experience globally.
  • India Headquartered in Film City (Noida), the heart of Indian media and entertainment district, Nexstar Media also has strong regional presence in the Advertising hubs of metropolitan areas of India.
  • At Nexstar Media we see ourselves as the charioteers, who can spread the brilliance of the channels to the universe.
  • Nexstar Media has ability to attract industry professionals well established in their current organizations and unwilling to make a riskier move even for better pay packages/positions.
  • Having to settle for floating mediocre talent who command astronomical salaries without assured returns or accountability
  • Inability to attract fresh people from other industries at senior levels. Even if they do join, it takes years to develop a broad relationship base with clients and agencies.
  • Economic in-feasibility of an in-house set up in the absence of a critical mass to justify the cost of doing sales.
  • A similar situation prevails in other media markets including Radio, Print, Digital and Outdoors. Unabated supply of media is reducing the leverage for media owners in a growing media market. To help media owners successfully overcome the above challenges.
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