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Today’s Horoscope

Today’s Horoscope

  • ARIES  Mar 21 – April 20

    At the eleventh hour your intuition may stop you from committing yourself to a deal that may have made you a victim of deceit.

  • TAURUS  April 21 – May 20

    Your positivity shall be infectious today, and even the most morose soul in your vicinity will begin to feel pepped up.

  • GEMINI  May 21 – June 21

    Your focus today shall be totally on work. You shall, however, have to keep your emotions at bay.

  • CANCER  Jun 22 – July 23

    Hard work shall be your motto today. Both in your personal and professional duties, you shall excel.

  • LEO  July 24 – Aug 23

    With your powers of concentration peaking today, all you need to register a victory is to tweak your modus operandi a bit.

  • VIRGO  Aug 24 – Sept 23

    With little or no work pressure, you shall be able to focus on other things that have been in the back of your mind.

  •  LIBRA  Sept 24- Oct 22

    The easy manner in which you seem to attract members of the opposite sex would lead some people to think you are a big flirt.

  • SCORPIO  Oct 23 – Nov 22

    Don’t go by hearsay, as it can land you in serious trouble. Go only by what you see, and what your experience attests to.

  • SAGITTARIUS  Nov 23 – Dec 22

    Today you shall be in a very positive mood, spreading joy wherever you go. Sharing domestic chores can strengthen bonds.

  • CAPRICORNUS  Dec 23 – Jan 20

    The day is favourable for investing money in a new venture, but be very careful about reading the fine print before signing it.

  • AQUARIUS  Jan 21 – Feb19

    A rather difficult day awaits you, which may keep you engaged in solving some complicated issues.

  • PISCES  Feb 20 – Mar 20

    You will confide your deepest sentiments and emotions in your near and dear ones, who will appreciate the confidence.

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Today’s Horoscope

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